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Kathi has helped people prepare for interviews for over 15 years. She has a plethora of possible questions amassed from interviews she, herself has conducted over 16 years, plus questions gleaned from other professional sources. She will help you identify those most likely to be asked in your field as well as those off-the-wall questions designed to find out more about your problems-solving and self-management skills. Kathi will work with you to prepare your answers and will even video-record practice interview sessions which you can review together to help you be well-prepared for your interviews. Even if you can’t meet with Kathi in person, you can work with her over the Internet using Skype™ and e-mail to perfect your personal brand and interview presentation.

Interest Assessments

Kathi is a certified facilitator of True Colors Basic Awareness. True Colors is a personality assessment program that is easy to understand and helps people learn about how their personal values and personality traits work in harmony with others. Kathi applies this knowledge in helping clients learn the best types of careers suited to their personality types. In addition to this, Kathi has identified numerous career interest assessment programs to assist her clients in zoning in on the career paths which would be most interesting and satisfying to the client’s interests, abilities, and skills.


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Kathi holds a Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University with certificates in Global Leadership, Human Resource Administration, and Administrative Science. Coursework focused on customer service, human resource management, teambuilding, change management and strategic planning.

She has worked for a large library system as a supervisor and trainer for over 16 years. During this time she received numerous accolades and awards including Support Staff of the Year. Kathi applies knowledge and practical experience from her work and college experiences in management consulting and in helping people find the career they’ll love. She also applies her expertise in developing and presenting training seminars on management skills and soft skills to improve employee performance.

Kathi has been presenting seminars on interview preparation for over 15 years. In association with this, she has helped many people write and update their resumes and prepare for job interviews to initiate a career change or gain a promotion. She has been credited with many successful career moves by her clients. Kathi has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and goes beyond expectations to see her clients succeed.


Once again, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a professional, outstanding resume. If you recall I landed a job with Treetops two years ago , mostly in part because of my resume and now I am circulating it again for another career opportunity and have been complimented on it over and over again!!! Potential employers are very impressed with the resume and how it is presented. It is very clear, easy to read and looks very professional. You make everyone look good! Again, Kathi, I thank you so much. I’ll let you know when I land another job!!! I know it will be soon!!! You’re the best!
Cindy H.
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“Thanks to Kathi's instructions and guidance on building my resume and the interview process I was so much more prepared for my last interview for a full time position. I am happy to say I got the position and was told my interview was the best out of the group. I can't thank Kathi enough.”
Julie L.

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